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Know 3 Hard-to-Find Things That Make Auto Repair a Pleasure Instead of a Pain.  

You know the feeling . . . Your car needs service or repair and all you want is an honest appraisal of what's needing attention and what's not. You want your money spent carefully, and where it counts most.


You find yourself wondering  . . .

if the car expert you're dealing with is overestimating the cost by adding work that doesn't really need to be done

       - instead of focusing on what's most important for your situation.

What if there was a car repair shop
that was known for giving straight-up truth focused on what you need and no more?

It would be nice if they had an eye on YOUR budget more than their own.

Wouldn't that be great?  Well, you just found it, and our customers will back us up on that.

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Yelp Reviews . . .

When I moved to St. Louis and found myself in need of a mechanic, I learned that about 98% of my friends all took their cars to Speedway! 

Tom is the owner and his reputation for being honest spread like wildfire. -Eva N.          



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314 925 1851 today.

         3 Things That Make All the Difference . . .

1) A car pro who is upfront and honest when checking out your vehicle.

Instead of recommending excessive things you may not require, our priority and reputation is built on giving you the straight scoop on what your car needs. Second opinions brought here sometimes find they don't need the excessive work that was suggested.

2) Listens, understands, and explains things in a way that makes sense.

We are committed to educate and inform all customers so you are able to make the best decisions about your car. That takes a listening ear, and it's something we live by.

3) Stays with the estimate you were given.
You won't need to worry about an estimate going up once it's been given to you. Your peace of mind is important to us.

We believe that when you are treated this way, auto repair becomes a whole new experience. It's why our customers come back.

Our job is to make you very glad you found this Car Service St Louis info about Speedway.  We put smiles on the faces of our customers. You can count on it! 

                                        Call 314 925 1851

Call 314 925 1851
(you'll be glad you did)

Our Address -
8901 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63144
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    The problem with chains . . . .


 It's not that automotive repair chains are bad, but there's risk in not knowing where the weak links are.

Often, shifts are under some pressure to get the numbers in and jobs out the door.

That's not necessarily what's best for you, the customer.

It also means the mechanical quality varies depending on who you'll get and whether they had enough time or cared about doing it well. 

You won't have that risk when you come to Speedway.

That's because Tom McCallister, Certified ASE Master Mechanic and his three hand-picked car pros are accountable for the level of service that leaves you smiling.

You'll be glad you found this Car Service St Louis website.

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I believe that Tom understands what it is to run an ethical business . . . 
- Scott S. -Yelp Reviews
More GOOD Stuff . . . .

We have a waiting area, and keep clean so you feel comfortable.

Need a ride?  We'll be happy to give you that courtesy for any destination within 5 miles from the shop.

In business for 12 years at this location, we work on American cars as well as Asian and most European models too.

Call and let us make you glad you found Car Service St Louis. We see ourselves like the old trusted town mechanic shop where people came in for more than car problems and they were treated like friends- not numbers. We get cyclists needing chain repairs, odd mechanical jobs, and regardless of what you need we want your experience to always be a positive one.

Contact Us at 314 925 1851

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